Monday, September 21, 2009

grease is the word

Yesterday I took Milly & her friend Bella to the movies. As part of their 'classic' series, the Embassy was screening 'Grease'. The packed theatre had some first timers, like my girls, but mostly, excited viewers like myself, keen to reminisce! I'd built it up to the girls as being the 'High School Musical' of my day, perhaps with slightly older 'themes'! And I'm still not sure about the message that the good girl has to turn ever so slightly bad to get the guy. Putting that aside, (we) I loved it all over again. Everyone knew the moves to 'Greased Lightening' & the words to 'Summer Lovin'. It had special significance for me as this grainy image shows. Here I am, circa a long time ago (1979), as a pink lady in Napier Operatic's stage version. Was there a show that could have been more fun to be in? I doubt it! That's me in the front wearing the pedal-pushers. So, there's your wee laugh for the day, but all I can say is that Grease is still the word!
Happy Monday!
Amanda xx
P.S The next classic movie dress up is 'Mary Poppins' on November 1st.
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  1. Very good, but ooooer, the guys don't quite look the part.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    What fun! I loved the movie Grease also and brought back many happy memories.
    How neat to see you in the stage version.
    I agree, Grease is the word!

    Enjoy your week

  3. Oh you look so cute, check out the brown legs wooo!

    Grease is a classic! I used to know all the words too!

  4. `Grease' is my word because I am too old for High School Musical...he!he!

  5. Very, funny Mummy! Having a laugh with some of your old boyfriends!

    Love Milly


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